WARNING: Recruitment Scams

Please note that Nestoil Ltd follows a formal recruitment process and will never request payment for employment. Please read for more information on fraudulent recruitment operations.

September 2016

There is currently a pandemic of recruitment scams. At Nestoil Ltd, we have received reports that individuals or organisations posing as Nestoil Ltd or claiming to be affiliated with us have approached them with job offers, scholarship awards etc. However, these people have unfortunately become the victims of recruitment scams. 

According to reports, fraudsters may claim that your credentials match a job opportunity and subsequently make an offer of employment. They may then request payment to “process” your application or cover the cost of immigration requirements in the case of ex-patriate employees.

At Nestoil Ltd, we follow a strict and formal recruitment process. We do not run promotions or lotteries for the purpose of selecting employees. Nestoil Ltd does not award scholarships. We do not contact prospective employees through social media. Please note that at no time will Nestoil Ltd request payment from prospective employees.

Please bear in mind the following when assessing the authenticity of a job offer:

  1. Was the job offer unsolicited?
  2. Were you contacted via social media?
  3. Were you emailed from a free email address e.g. someone@hotmail.com?
  4. Was communication poorly written or grammatically incorrect?
  5. Was the URL provided fake?
  6. Does the information you were given match what is published on our website?
  7. Does the job offer sound “too good to be true”?
  8. Does the job offer advertise working from home?
  9. Was there no interview?
  10. Were you asked for payment?

If the answer to any of the questions above is “yes”, it is possible that you may be subject to a scam. We would advise you to email us at recruit@nestoilgroup.com or call us on +23417000230 to verify the offer or disregard it entirely. If you discover a recruitment scam, you may wish to report it to law enforcement agencies.

Nestoil Ltd cannot accept liability for any losses incurred as a result of recruitment scams.